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Sushi Machines & Rice Preparation Equipment



Monk Conveyors Limited is a UK based company with over 25 years’ experience in machines and automation.  With our strong engineering and automation background we can offer you the advice you need to select the right machines for your company.  We will work with you to provide the most cost effective solution.  Our goal is to provide high quality equipment and a high level of service.



Our philosophy is to always apply the simplest solutions.  We have a comprehensive range of high quality sushi related machines which use technological innovations and Japanese food culture to help you achieve your goals. We provide you with first-class, professional service, training and technical assistance.

We supply the following high quality machines:

AUTEC Sushi machines combine high-precision processing and control technology with innovative ideas. AUTEC manufacture the highest quality, compact and most sophisticated rice preparation machines, yet they are simple to use.

KONIKA Rice washers are very efficient saving both electricity and water.

ACCESSORIES We also supply rice boxes, spray oil, wrapping machines etc.


If you are looking for high quality, reliable labour saving sushi machines you will not find better products and services than shown in our Sushi Machine website.






We can accept:


MONK Conveyors Ltd

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